Founding Members

Anna Kissell likes having ideas and bringing them to life at Bare Bones. She sings and plays fiddle / guitar and will make you a mean cup of herbal tea.


Adrian Mantle is a retired fireman and all-round good egg. His hobbies include making videos, putting on house concerts, and supporting local artists.


Dan Weltman, fiddler, guitarist, and secret indie songsmith in Snails, also plays with Ruth and Liam in the Ninetree Stumblers. 

Ruth Gordon, chief button pusher and cog greaser of the Bare Bones Studio, taught herself to use the reel-to-reel machine after convincing bandmates Liam and Dan of the Ninetree Stumblers to spend all their band money on it.


Ben McManus is our international correspondent and has been digitising antique recordings in the archives at the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings in Washington DC. You can read more about his adventures here.


Liam Kirby, minstrel banjoist, grindcore fiddler and well-rounded oddball, plays with Ruth and Dan in The Ninetree Stumblers. He is a luthier, and has an archivist’s appreciation for long forgotten tunes and songs of the Old Weird America.